Roy Stein - Character animation and some other stuff as well!


                             Below are some of my sketches, color studies and illustrations I do from time to time
                             on my lunch break, while playblasting or simply late at night after work... and also some
                             of my pre-animation commercial CG work.


BloodBath Ballet
Character design concept

Royal Assassin
photoshop illustration

A quick photoshop sketch

New Bride
Photoshop illustration


Another dude in a hat
Lunch break Photoshop sketch

Dude sketch
A quick sketch done at work, photoshop.

Photoshop lunch break sketch

Lunch break PS sketch

Lunch break PS sketch

Vamp with a mullet
Quick PS sketch

Roo concept
conceptual sketching for the CG roo project

Drink Up!
Photoshop color sketch

quick photoshop sketch

Dude in a hat

Yasha - character design
Color study

Yasha - character design
Pose and expression studies

Cowboy II
Lunchtime Surface sketch

Cowgirl - lunchtime sketch

Airport folk
quick sketches done while on a trip to NYC from Montreal

Photoshop color sketch

Surface sketch

Quick sketch in Photoshop

Jean Talon
Quick Photoshop color study

Quick color study, Photoshop.

Tea tornado
Full CG render

A solid investment
2d/3d retouch.

Wolf fur test
quick test I did at work, was never finished.

Copyright Taylor James

Celcom Lion
I was in charge of the modelling, some texturing.

Copyright Taylor James

Milk Crown
Full CG render.

Done for Bulmer's summer project, these gloves where quickly modelled, rigged and sculpted.

Copyright Taylor James

Animal Crackers
2d retouch.

Copyright Taylor James

Brita Girl
modelling/sculpting in Zbrush for Brita print ad.

Copyright Taylor James

Demon sketch
quick lunch break zbrush sculpt

CG Roo
A full CG Kangaroo, modelled, textured and groomed from scratch.

Zbrush arm
fully sculpted and shaded from scratch in Zbrush.