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Monday 28th December 2015

New news!

I've accepted an offer from Blue Sky studios and have recently joined the studio to
work on Ice Age - Collision Course! I'm very excited and honored to have the chance
to work at this amazing establishment which holds some of the worlds best artists in my opinion :)


Saturday 20th June 2015

Ballerina first image released!

A first sequence from the movie I am currently working on "Ballerina" has been revealed at the Annecy international animation festival, sounded like it was very well received!

Here's the first released image for the movie:

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

The Little Prince - Official Cannes Trailer

A new trailer was just released for the previous film I worked on "The little prince"!

Wednesday 13th August 2014

More sketchy thingies

Here are some quick passenger studies I did on my surface while waiting for my flights to and back from NY this last weekend, it was slightly awkward getting on that small plane with them after some realized I was staring at them inappropriately for a while while we were all waiting at the gate..still, worth it!

Friday 27th June 2014

Character design for production class

I've recently taken another class with the awesome Nate Wragg over at CGMA, it was a blast and I feel I've learned a lot about better ways of constructing an appealing character for animation.

Here's some of the studies I've made for class, click to enlarge:



Tuesday 25th March 2014

Illustration breakdown step by step

Here's a short step by step of an illustration I did a few months back just for fun, starting off with the digital sketch, refined line art, blocking in some solid colors, and adding detail and lighting.
All done from scratch in Photoshop.
BTW this breakdown image quality is unfortunately quite poor, if you want to see the final result it's under the personal work page ;)
Drink Up!

Thursday 6th March 2014


So being swamped at work with the current movie I am animating on made me think : "what can I possibly do to make my life even more difficult?", so I thought I'll try something I've never done but wanted to try for a while now - animate a shot traditionally, well traditional in the 2D sense - no paper was harmed during the course of this endeavour.

So with that in mind and the fact it has been a year since I participated in the 11 second club competition, I jumped into the chilling water of uncertainty...with only a stylus to protect me.

Here's how the shot ended up looking like:

Happy Holidays :)

Monday 25th March 2013 11 seconds of bananas!

I was really honored to find out I won the 11 second club for the month of February, and...while waiting for some feedback from an animation pro to tear my shot to shreds (in order to make it that much better no doubt!), here's some of the banana ref goodness that was not only tasty, but really helpful in carving that performance out :)

Here's the animation, note the lack of fruit in the final version!

Monday 25th March 2013

New blog!!!

in preparation for my new animation and illustration projects I've decided to have my work updated here too, all the cool kids have a blog, so there!

and you can't have a post without some visual goodies in it, so here's a bunch of quick lunchbreak drawings I've done a few months back while still in London... enjoy!